The Game

Destroy the enemy core to win!

Use your smartphone to control your spaceship, go to or download the app (for Android and IOS). Click on "play now!" to start the game and insert the code shown on your pc

Move around

Your spaceship will automatically move, use the buttons on your touchscreen to turn. Press both them to shoot and stop.

Conquer your field!

Go over a cell to conquer it!
You can conquer a cell only if it is linked with your nucleus

Destroy the enemy's nucleus!

Create a link with the enemy's nucleus to make it vulnerable! The vulnerable cores are damaged constatly when time passes. Shoot it to reduce its energy faster!

Defend your nucleus!

Conquer cells to cut the opponent's path, press both the buttons shoot them and kill them.

ConnHex was the winner of the Turin Global Game Jam 2018!

ConnHex was developed in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam in Turin, winning the Best Total Global Game prize!
Take a look at the game's page on the Global Game Jam site!

Our Amazing Team

AR/VR developers during the day, game developers at night

Andrea Crivello

2D/3D Artist

Lorenzo Valente


Dario Facchini


Andrea Peretti


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